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dickc's follows

Alton Brown (@altonbrown)
Thyme Lord

NikeFuel (@NikeFuel)
Motivation on Your Wrist. (and again in your twitter feed)

Calestous Juma (@calestous)
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr Visiting Professor at MIT (2014-2015) and Harvard Kennedy School Professor

Patrick Collison (@patrickc)
Fallibilist, optimist. Stripe cofounder.

Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis)
General Partner at @a16z. I hear this Bitcoin thing might be kind of a big deal.

Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM)
University of Michigan J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach.

Connie Loizos (@Cookie)
reporter, mama, sister, daughter, lover of roasted peanuts. sign up today for strictlyvc at strictlyvc dot com

You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
You had one job and messed it up, plus a few other funny pics thrown in for amusement.

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@DavidHaugh's tweet
#Bulls are so complete. Great win. Gasol and Mirotic both continue to be better than advertised; Butler as valuable on both ends as anybody.

@ethank's tweet
OK, @sippey won and I wrote it: The Generic Article About Spotify:

@sippey's tweet
Looking forward to A Most Violent Year: "Chandor has done something startling: he has made an anti-Godfather."

@elonmusk's tweet
Drone spaceport ship heads to its hold position in the Atlantic to prepare for a rocket landing

balajis's follows

Brendan B-S (@bbuliksullivan)
I drink a lot of coffee. Statistical geneticist @broadinstitute

Jessica Verrilli (@jess)
Director of Corporate Development and Strategy at @Twitter. Running anywhere with a view.

Michael Carney (@mcarney)
Editor @PandoDaily. Excited about entrepreneurship, venture capital, golf, crossfit, and travel. Husband to @preppy_chic

Dave Liggat (@dliggat)
Interests include software, mathematics, bicycles, and the Oxford comma.

Birgit Pauli-Haack (@bph)
web + mobile developer & strategist 4 biz & nonprofits. #coldfusion. photographer. runs @paulisystems. cofounder @relevanza. @nfn4good #nptech #net2 #wordpress

Richard Tapalaga (@Tapalaga13)
Early stage VC. Football enthusiast. Gaming addict. Part of Qualcomm Ventures - any comments relating to Qualcomm or our portfolio are my own

Carl Atupem (@atupem)
Mobile engineer who makes random Migos references.

Brandon Thornton (@brandodaily)
Cofounder @GetPamper. I want to see you be brave.

balajis's favorites

@DouglasCrets's tweet
I realize Founders need to spend blood and guts to get the kind of insight we get for free from @pmarca @fredwilson @stevesi @balajis

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Gigaom (@gigaom)
Gigaom is the leading global voice on emerging technologies. We humanize technology and provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

Pi Co (@ReadPico)
Conversations with interesting people by @om

Helena Price (@helena)
Tall, pale, and half-Norwegian. Full-time photographer who occasionally dabbles in tech. Not the actress, DJ, Brazilian soap opera star, or state capital.

Steph Nieman (@StephNieman)
Founder & Director of Shanti Haus | Head Coach @RidePeloton

Craig Mod (@craigmod)
Writer. Designer. MacDowell fellow. TechFellow. Ex-Flipboard. Peripatetic.

Latif Peracha (@latifperacha)
A lover of music, travel, NY and Detroit sports teams. Working for Virgin Management, the family office of Richard Branson.

sundarpichai (@sundarpichai)
SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps, Google

Steve Greenwood (@sgreenwood)
live @nyc, @brewsterapp founder + ceo, @nyknicks fan

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@jamesnord's tweet
My least favorite kind of think piece is the "Why I'm leaving New York" ones. Please. Just. Fucking. Leave.

@rafat's tweet
We have an interview with the kid! Hidden City Startup Founder: Is He Naive or an Innovator?

@chrismichel's tweet
Just learned that the "RAND" in RAND Corporation stands for R and D. That only took me 20 years to figure out.

@msg's tweet
Zipcar gives you the option to split referral 50/50 or give your friend 100% of it. Does anyone else do this?

@felixsalmon's tweet
I had no idea NetJets was so big: 6,200 employees, 2,700 pilots, $4b in revenues, $18b in orders for new jets

@neiltyson's tweet
Wouldn't it be cool if Zombies & Vampires became human if we bit them first? Somebody needs to test that hypothesis.

@stevecheney's tweet
2015 will blow most of you away in size and scope of technology advancement. Even the optimists.

@keanesian's tweet
First day of "school" for Max. He cried when they tried to make him nap. I cried: the whole time.

@BenedictEvans's tweet
Posit: there are four paid app markets: iOS games ($$$$$$$), iOS apps ($$$), android games ($$$$) and Android apps. (.$)

@sarahmcsimmons's tweet
I am crushing my to-do list today. Though it is a list from the week of November 4th! #playingcatchup

@SirNeave's tweet
I'm 29 and still haven't dated a girl with a British accent. This is stupid.

@jamesnord's tweet
This year's books, all of them made me better, or at least slightly more interesting.

@lyllo's tweet
@argen's tweet
@naveen nice, I was making a list myself too (been there for the last week).

@drewshannon's tweet
@naveen @Dropbox I just came across this page for the first time in my account. Does that help?

@chrisFnicholson's tweet
@naveen it makes you feel good to have manual control over something when being hurdled 600mph through the air.

@jamesnord's tweet
@naveen a tactile reminder that you were, only hours ago, halfway around the world.

@Maraj126's tweet
@naveen hey, sometimes you forget to push the button and it turns into a lazy boy after a few hours of cramped flying lol

alexia's follows

Frank Goodman (@Ricky_SFP)
Sorry For Partying (SFP)

Sara Haider (@pandemona)
android engineering lead at @secretly. formerly @vineapp, @twitter. @uwaterloo alum. @49ers fan. slice fruit, avoid bombs.

Dustin Moskovitz (@moskov)
I work on projects that help humanity thrive: @asana, @GoodVentures, @vicariousinc

Cari Tuna (@CariTuna)

Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen)
I... Tweet!!!!!!

Kim Cabot (@kim_cabot)
CEO Brandizi, Inc.

NYSE (@nyse)
The New York Stock Exchange has over 220 years dedicated to building a network that continues to transform the global economy

Andrew Webster (@A_Webster)
i cover video games and art and stuff for the verge and could really use a coffee right now

alexia's favorites

@drew's tweet
Mike Tyson Takes A Bite Out Of CES: Is He The New AOL?

@erickschonfeld's tweet
Garmin announces 3 wildly different smartwatches: Fugly, Fuglix, Fuglyactive

@stevekovach's tweet
Is Twitter back?!

@tcarmody's tweet
“2015 will be the year that a large magazine company folds a major lifestyle brand into a Pinterest page.”

@imchriskelly's tweet
I have a lot of writing to do so I just washed all three of my trash cans.

@pkedrosky's tweet
So many tech deflationary forces slamming non-tech economy in 2015, from services (taxi), to energy (shale), to leisure (airbnb).

mgsiegler's follows

Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM)
University of Michigan J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach.

Lockhart Steele (@Lock)
Vox Media Editorial Director;,, and co-founder; #seaportliving + #twlsb enthusiast.

Sara Naheedy (@snaheedy)
Real Estate Attorney

Nate Weiner (@NateWeiner)
Only tweets typos. Founder/CEO at @Pocket

Ben Bajarin (@BenBajarin)
Principal Industry Analyst, studying global personal computing and mobile trends at Creative Strategies, Inc. Technology columnist at TIME, and Tech.pinions

Alex Konrad (@alexrkonrad)
Staff writer @Forbes for NY tech, enterprise and VC. I run Midas List. Before: @FortuneMagazine. Sports addict. Thoughts are mine. Email: akonrad [at] forbes

Jay Cuthrell (@JayCuthrell)
Office of the CTO at @VCE, an @EMCcorp Federation Company with investments from @Cisco and @VMware /* Note: Opinions are mine */ ( Older tweets here: @Qthrul )

Slack (@SlackHQ)
On a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive • [We can't accept DMs; please Tweet] • See what

mgsiegler's favorites

@MikeIsaac's tweet
first time in my life to walk to work in the snow. I imagine it feels less magical as time goes on

@bgurley's tweet
It is truly remarkable how well the @warriors are playing. Amazing offensive ball movement and lights out shooting.

@spencerchen's tweet
Tough year for the Lakers family.

@danprimack's tweet
Playing cards in a casino is a really good way to clear your mind after writing a blog post.

@dascola's tweet
@mgsiegler I doesn’t matter when I leave work, it’s still hard for me to get to dinner by 8 in SF.

@thekenyeung's tweet
@rsarver @mgsiegler

@rsarver's tweet
@mgsiegler @msquinn "if you worked on Sand Hill, you'd be doing meetings by now"

@mathewi's tweet
@rsarver @mgsiegler: Even I know that :-)

@thekenyeung's tweet
@rsarver @mgsiegler or at least wait until after 10 and you could go 5 miles per hour faster :)

@robhayes's tweet
@mgsiegler you need to find reasons to never leave SF (except in an airplane)

@pandemona's tweet
@mgsiegler anything south of the Caltrain station may as well be on the east coast

@corywilkerson's tweet
@mgsiegler 280 is my savior but still have to leave early and return late to keep commute tight.

@demaderios's tweet
It's getting just as bad in Portland, OR @mgsiegler

@Ronin_Jim's tweet
@mgsiegler Hyperloop between SF and Valley as a priority

@rossmccord's tweet
@mgsiegler the longer you're away the less you miss it. And I just moved to Santa Cruz ;)

@saumil's tweet
@jacob @mgsiegler MobileBeat 2008!

@conmas's tweet
@mgsiegler I feel like tweets with several images of text are the new blog posts.

@getrichadvice's tweet
If you want to know what’s propping up cable, look no further [than ESPN]. ~M.G. Siegler (@mgsiegler)

@TripleJas's tweet
@mgsiegler Thinking about this still. A deep sense of being 'present' during travel is gone. Youre not there, right there, like you used 2b.

@COVRTER's tweet
@mgsiegler @ev Amen. (Also, it sums up the appeal of Tweetshots and highlighting in general – maximum influence per second.)

@tinfelise's tweet
@mgsiegler great way to get favs on your tweet too. I'm one of them, and it was worth it.